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V Steam FAQ

What is V Steaming?
V Steam also known as Yoni steaming or vaginal steaming, is an ancient and traditional self-care practice that has been used by women for centuries and has been passed down through generations of women in various cultures all over the world to heal and detox the vagina. The warmth of the medicinal herbs are absorbed and circulated into the reproductive system where they help to stimulate calming, healing, cleansing, detoxing, and nourishing the vagina and cleanse old residue in the vaginal canal and womb. It is used for medical and healing purposes. It provides gentle & effective support for women's wellness and encourages relaxation, while the steam also carries the essences of the herbs.
What are the benefits?

Vaginal steaming is an extension of the basic concept of paying attention to and loving the vagina and womb space. It is an opportunity to open ourselves up (both physically and emotionally) and allow soothing and comfort into an otherwise tightly guarded space. The feeling of warm, aromatic steam on the vagina can be calming, exciting, cathartic, rejuvenating, or cleansing. We like to think of it as simple yet beautiful way to honor and care for the most vulnerable and sensitive part of our bodies.

Beyond this value as an elemental self-care ritual, there are a few other major reasons why more and more women are starting to engage in vaginal steaming. These include:

  • Physical warmth to the vagina can feel comforting and relaxing.
  • Postpartum care and healing
  • General cleansing: Many women report that vaginal steaming helps clear out excess matter from the uterus and vaginal canal.
  • Preparing for pregnancy
  • Transitioning into menopause and beyond
  • Contribute to enjoyment of monthly cycles
  • Spiritual practice
  • Postpartum care/revitalize the womb after childbirth
  • Bond with other women
  • Increase confidence & emotional comfort
  • Meditation and increased mind-body connection
  • Reconnecting with sexuality
  • Bring comfort and warmth to the pelvic floor region
  • More enjoyable sex
  • Refreshing and clean feeling/scent
  • Apply warmth to the perineum and lower digestive tract opening
Who should V Steam?
We encourage most women to V steam. You are likely to see great benefits from the ancient/natural remedy if you suffer from irregular menstrual cycles, menstrual cramps, infertility, uterine fibroid, perennial tears, yeast infections, vaginal or ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids, had an hysterectomy and more. V Steam is also recommended if you have none of the issues above but would like to reconnect with yourself, pamper & soothe yourself, relieve stress, anxiety and have some self care "ME" time.

What's the age range?

There is no “official” age range for vaginal steaming however we recommend those who have started menstruating because this is usually the time that vaginal changes occur. As a rule and safety precaution, anyone under the age of 18 should only steam with adult supervision.

Who should NOT V Steam?
You should NOT vaginal steam if:
  • You are pregnant or think you are pregnant
  • You are wearing an I.U.D. (intrauterine device- use at your own risk)
  • You are having your period (i.e. menstruating/bleeding)
  • You are trying to get pregnant and you are currently ovulating
  • You are trying to get pregnant and have already ovulated but not yet had your period this month (as you may be pregnant)
  • You have an open wound in your pelvic area
  • You have genital piercings in (always remove any genital piercings before steaming)

They say that the vagina is "self-cleaning", so why would I do this?
Yes, the vagina is self-cleaning but it is not self healing. The womb just like any other organ sometimes need a little aide to heal and cleanse from impurities. That is where V Steaming can help. Plus it promotes self care, is a great stress reliever and smells amazing.

What’s the point of the herbs?
Vaginal steaming with herbs can have both thermo-therapeutic and aroma-therapeutic qualities. Aromatherapy and herbal care around childbirth have a long history, and this is one of the specific reasons why herbs have been used historically in vaginal steam baths. The smell of herbs alone can be very enjoyable and encourage relaxation! Beyond the aromatic effects, the steam carries the essential oils of the herbs used, and each of these has its own properties. 

Can I add essential oils to my V Steam?

Do NOT add or use essential oils for V steaming, as they can be too harsh for the vaginal tissue.

How long should I steam?

20 minutes (no more than).

How often should I steam? 
Try not to V Steam more than 4 times per month and never V Steam while menstruating. Ideally twice a month is good.

Can I have sex right after steaming?

Yes. We actually recommend it. Most people report increased sexual pleasure following a v steam.

How long after having a baby, miscarriage or an abortion should I wait before V Steaming?

It depends. If you have a vaginal birth you should wait until the bleeding stops then you can start (do not steam while bleeding). Wait 6 weeks after having a c-section. You’ll have to determine based on your birth but 6 weeks is about the safe zone for everyone generally.

Can I steam if I have an IUD?
If you have an IUD, please note that there is a very small chance that the IUD my dislodge due to the strong nature of the herbs which may causes the uterus to contract & relax. When an IUD is present, you risk the chance of it dislodging, shifting or expelling. With that said, if you would like to use our V Steam with an IUD intact it would be at your own risk. We also recommend only Steaming for 15 minutes if you decide to do it with an IUD. However, Private Party does not advocate for steaming with an IUD.

Can V Steaming cause me to get a yeast infection?
Less than 1% of women may develop a yeast infection after steaming especially after their first time steaming. This may occur when/if the steam and/or herbs throws the pH balance off - this does not mean that you should not/cannot V Steam again as your body usually adapts to the change after the first steam. You will still reap the health benefits that the steaming provided as the herbs were still able to circulate & penetrate into your vagina and uterus. If a yeast infection occurs we recommend using our Party pHavors/vaginal suppositories or any other natural yeast infection remedy. You may try steaming again one week after the infection clears up.​

Can I Steam while pregnant?
NO, you cannot. Steaming while pregnant can be dangerous because the steam may cause the cervix to contract and relax, which could result in miscarriage, early labor, or harm to the fetus. 

Can I V Steam if I am breastfeeding?
No, you can not. 

I'm trying to conceive, when should I V Steam?
If you are trying to conceive, you can steam right before your period and right after your period has ended. DO NOT steam once ovulation begins. Steaming during ovulation can interfere with the sperm, fertilization or implantation.

Can I V Steam while menstruating or spotting?
Steaming while bleeding is not recommended because the herbs in our V steam promote blood flow in the uterus and that can cause heavy bleeding if you are already on your menstrual cycle. Steaming can be done at least three days before your menstrual cycle or 24 hours after your cycle ends.

I have spontaneous heavy bleeding, Can I V Steam?
If you experience spontaneous heavy bleeding (two periods per month). Steaming is not recommended for you, as the steam speeds up circulation and opens the cervix, which can be dangerous with heavy bleeding. Once you have the bleeding under control then you can V Steam.

Can I V Steam if I've had a hysterectomy?
Yes. You can steam after you've had a partial or full hysterectomy. Many women experience dryness and irritation after a hysterectomy, steaming can help with that.  

Will this help me with my endometriosis or fibroids?

It is possible that our V Steam may help you if you have endometriosis or fibroids but we do not guarantee that our steam will cure you of these ailments. Due to the herbs in our mix and their benefits to the uterus area, they may be able to help naturally slough off extra tissue that are found on fibroids as well as tissue that can cause endometriosis.


Can I V Steam after I've entered into menopause?
Yes, you can. Many issues that arise during and after menopause are benefited by V Steaming. The decrease and loss of estrogen can cause vaginal dryness and irritation and decreased sex drive. V Steaming can help to address moisture levels and the herbs can have a wonderful therapeutic effect on the body. You may also want to try our Slippery Lituation capsules for a safe daily alternative. 
Can men use them too?
Yes. Men can benefit from steaming too. Steaming can be good for the prostate, for hemorrhoids, and for promoting the flow of flesh nutrient-rich blood (good for "cold" pelvic conditions, fertility, constipation, a general lack of movement in the region).  

Can V steaming be used to ease hemorrhoids?
Yes, it can.

I have an active STD, can I still steam?
Yes and no, steaming with an active STD is OK, as long as it is not fungal in nature, there are no current blisters, open wounds or involves genital lice. If any of these are present, it is best to wait until after the active portion or lice has been removed. If none of these situations are present then steaming during is fine. Also, I will mention that steaming after an STD can be very beneficial to the body to help heal tissue, and reduce inflammation.   

Will my doctor recommend V Steaming?
Probably not. V Steaming is an ancient herbal and holistic practice. Medically trained doctors are usually not trained or interested in herbal holistic practices. Therefore since it is foreign to them they usually can't recommend something they don't have any knowledge about. 

Is this FDA Approved?
No this product is not FDA approved.