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Keiyona is the founder and inspiration behind the Private Party brand. Her struggles with women's health issues led her to develop a brand that offers all natural feminine hygiene products with health and safety as the number one concern. She has a background in helping others with her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work but always knew she wanted to be able to help others in her own way through her own company. Thus she took the initiative to gain business knowledge through her Master's Degree in Luxury Management and Marketing. Keiyona is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur that is passionate and dedicated to helping women by educating them on current health news and making organic products accessible in a non-commercialized way. 

Tyyan is the Co-Founder and the operations manager of the business. When Keiyona presented her idea for Private Party, Tyyan did not hesitate to join the mission as she too struggles with her own health issues and understands how using good natural products can help manage women's health. She also has a background in helping others through her Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology. Tyyan and Keiyona have worked collaboratively on Private Party, bringing it from just an idea/vision and turned it into reality.