Private Party, Organic Yoni Care is the creation of Keiyona Myles and Tyyan Peters. Keiyona had an idea and very early on Tyyan joined her and together they developed the Private Party brand.

Keiyona became pregnant in 2018 and what was supposed to be the most exciting time of her life became the most stressful and trying time of her life. Prior to pregnancy Keiyona struggled with ovarian cysts but pregnancy amplified those struggles as the ovarian cyst she already had doubled in size and another cyst began to develop on the other ovary. She was told by her doctor that she must immediately stop working out, stop engaging in sexual activity, and schedule surgery to take place at 20 weeks pregnant. Keiyona understood that her health was at stake but also the livelihood of her unborn child. What no one knew was that she had suffered a miscarriage the year prior to the current pregnancy. So this was all a bit much because she knew she wanted to have children. BUT according to the doctors it had to be done.

Keiyona underwent a laparoscopy which is a surgical procedure that uses an instrument to poke three incisions directly through the abdomen, her pregnant belly. They said they would go through and cut the cyst out. They also said that this is a “low-risk, minimally invasive procedure. It will be fine. We perform this surgery all the time on pregnant women.” As if this would make her feel better, but it only made her more uncertain and curious to know why this was happening to so many women. Confused and scared, Keiyona took the doctor’s advice to get the cyst removed. When Keiyona woke up she only had ONE ovary left and had to spend the night at the hospital (she was told this was an outpatient procedure and she would be home in a few hours). Keiyona couldn’t help but wonder how she got here in this position and why doctors are trying to normalize women’s health issues. No one in her family has ovarian cysts so it clearly is not hereditary. Keiyona began to ask more questions that no one seemed to have answers to like, why are ovarian cysts so prevalent now as opposed to the past? What is causing ovarian cysts to occur? Was it really necessary to remove it?

Keiyona still does not have answers to these questions but after lots of research what she did discover is that women have been unknowingly injecting ourselves with toxin-infused feminine hygiene products such as tampons. Manufacturers legally don’t have to disclose to us what chemicals are used in the products but yet they have convinced us to use these products as part of our normal regimen for several years, decades, without question. Now is the time to challenge the status quo of the feminine hygiene industry, start asking the tough questions and really pay attention to what goes into our bodies, specifically by way of the vagina. Keiyona felt that it was her duty and mission to educate women worldwide and empower them to take back control of their health by using all natural organic products that are free from toxins. Thus, Private Party, Organic Yoni Care was born! We are here to help women celebrate womanhood with confidence in knowing that our products are formulated with health above all. Oh and in case you were wondering, Keiyona gave birth by C-section to a premature but healthy baby girl named Kerrington who will continue the Private Party legacy.