Private Party's at-home Vajacial Kit has arrived!!! 

For those of you who are new to the concept, the term vajacial was created combining the words vajayjay (aka vagina) and facial. So essentially a vajacial is a “facial“ for your private parts. A vajacial is a luxurious treatment to maintain healthy and hydrated skin. It removes dead skin cells, treat ingrown hairs, smooths bumps around bikini line, prevents acne, and helps with hyperpigmentation to lighten dark spots and even skin tone. Such an invigorating treatment that every vagina deserves and will appreciate! Formulated for all skin types including sensitive.

**comes with a silicone mask brush (colors vary), an exfoliating brush, and one mini cosmetic spoon**

So don't hesitate to invite me over to your place, you won't regret it! The very first encounter with That Good Good will have him Pu**y Whipped! Now he's thinking Honey, You Too Much! But you already know you Set The Tone and he'll be Begging For More!



Always do a patch test before the first use to avoid potential allergic reactions.


STEP 1: Cleanse with That Good Good (foam wash)

Shake well. Apply a generous amount of foam wash to a towel or washcloth. Gently wash your vaginal area, rinse, and pat dry with a towel. It can be used for daily cleansing and anytime throughout the day to freshen up.

STEP 2: Exfoliate with Pu**y Whipped (whipped sugar scrub)

Use a mini cosmetic spoon or clean dry hands to scoop a small amount of scrub out of the container. DO NOT put wet hands into the jar. Apply to the bikini line and upper vaginal area for 60 seconds moving fingers in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Use outside of the shower on dry skin (otherwise the sugar will dissolve quickly).

STEP 3: Detox with Honey, You Too Much (honey & turmeric mask)

Stir before use. Can be used for spot treatment or on the entire bikini line and upper vaginal area. You can apply it with your fingers or with a brush. Let it sit for 5 to 10 mins. Wipe off with a damp cloth. Then blot dry using a dry cloth. Be careful not to use or wear anything valuable as turmeric will stain.

STEP 4: Hydrate with Set the Tone (toner spray mist)

Hold spray about 2 inches away from skin. Spray two to three times evenly across the upper vaginal area making sure to spray the bikini line. Let air dry. DO NOT wipe or pat dry. For external use only.

STEP 5: Moisturize with Begging For More (yoni oil)

Apply a small amount of oil onto clean fingertips and apply to the upper vaginal area, bikini line, vulva, and/or labia. It can be used daily to moisturize feminine areas, after shaving, or after sex. Can also be used as a body oil. DO NOT use as a lubricant. For external use only.

Use this 5 step process 2 to 3 times a week for best results.

Take pictures of your bikini area prior to use to see your progress!

All products include 2oz sizes (yoni oil is in 1 oz bottle), convenient for easy storage and meets travel guidelines.

All items are handmade with all natural ingredients and NO preservatives. We want to keep our formulas as pure as possible, however storage and care is very important. Be sure to keep your items stored in a cool dry place and DO NOT allow water to get inside your products because water contains bacteria that can grow into mold when mixed with natural ingredients. Always use dry clean hands when handling products. Use within 6 months.