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Who says you can’t travel on your period?!

Okay ladies, if you’re anything like me you do not like doing anything while it’s that time of the month. And you really don’t like travelling while on your cycle either. Like who got time for that?! Oh and don’t let it be a beach trip! How dare aunt flow decide to show her red head when you’re trying to look cute in a 2-piece?!

Perfect time to pack those tampons though!  Or cup! If you wear tampons be sure to pack enough, especially if you’re travelling abroad. Worst thing you can do is be on your cycle and not find feminine care products, or at least the kind you like.  Now most women tend to overpack, but when you have to plan outfits around aunt flow it gets more complicated. You have to think about what outfits you don’t look bloated in (save the skinny jeans for another time), packing those period panties (and make sure you pack extra), and those extra feminine care products.

Period panties, check! Pads or tampons, check! Feminine wipes, check! Midol, check! Oh, and if you’ve switched over like I have pack your menstrual cup! Keeping a menstrual cup packed in your toiletries will definitely save you if aunt flow unexpectedly shows up.

But some women need way more than that, some women need a heating pad for those God awful cramps.  But I digress. No one wants to deal with it, but as women we’ve all been there. Travelling on your menstrual cycle is never fun.

So ladies just to recap:

  • Pack extra pads or tampons, you can never have too many
  • Pack extra panties
  • If you wear menstrual cups, keep one in your toiletries just in case
  • Pack feminine wipes
  • Don’t forget pain meds, just in case the cramps kick in
  • Save the skinny jeans for another time or not lol

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