Menstrual Cup Assumptions Confronted

Menstrual Cup Assumptions Confronted

I know you ladies have been wondering, how in the world does a cup fit inside the vagina?! Isn’t it too big?! It looks way bigger than a tampon. No, the menstrual cup is not too big. In fact, a menstrual cup is close in size to a tampon (length wise). Of course, it’s wider but the cup is flexible. And if you’ve had sex before a menstrual cup is nothing compared to the size of a penis 🤷 just saying. Our vaginal canals are an average of three to six inches long.  A regular tampon is 1.75 inches in length while the Happy Hour menstrual cup is 1.7 inches in length for the small and 1.88 inches for the large. Not a big difference. The tampon uses the absorption method so as it gets wet it gets bigger and bigger while inside of you. The cup collects menstrual fluid and it sits very low in the vagina, but high enough not to feel the base sticking out. 

With proper placement and having the right size for your vagina, you won’t be able to feel the cup while wearing it. Proper placement is key ladies. You want to make sure the cup is inserted inside the vagina as high as it can comfortably go. If your cup is placed too low in the vagina you will have discomfort and most likely the cup may not open completely causing leaking. While you want to make sure the cup is not placed too low, be sure the cup isn’t placed too high at a bad angle because once the seal is created it can cause pain and discomfort. If you feel a strong urge to pee after inserting it, then it's probably in the wrong position. You can read more about how to use a menstrual cup in the blog titled “How to Use a Menstrual cup”.  

Another worry women may have is the cup getting lost inside of you. Well ladies I’m here to tell you, it won’t! The cup can only be placed so high and the way that our vaginal canals are made getting lost can’t happen. Now there is a possibility that you may not initially see the tip of the stem or have difficulty gripping the stem to remove the cup. If that happens, bare down and push as if you are having a bowel movement. This should help to reveal the stem where you can grab it to pull.

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