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I Converted!

The day was off to a great start. I had just come from getting my hair and makeup done, so a girl was definitely feeling herself! I go home to get ready for a wedding. I had my outfit out; a pretty sexy yellow silk dress with a high split. I was getting ready and boom there goes aunt flow a day or 2 early. Like of all the days she want to show up it would be when I have to go somewhere and I’m wearing a dress. I only had 10 minutes before I had to leave. I already had several cups on hand because I knew I was going to try one out, just didn't expect it to be so unexpected. Thank God I sterilized them the night before. I could have easily put a pad on but who wants to be looking all cute but feel like they got a diaper on? NOT I! Dresses and pads do not mix! And remember I had on a light color. 


So, I don’t know why but I decided to take a risk (today of all days) and try one of the menstrual cups even though I had tampons for times like this. I do not like wearing tampons; I hate sticking the applicator in, which is never an easy process, and I don’t like the feeling of having it inside me. I can always feel it when I move around. But like I said they were reserved for times like this. 

Ok so back to me taking this risk. I recalled watching a video demonstrating a few different folds to try for insertion of the cup so I attempted the one I thought would work best. So here I am nervous and rushing because I’m pressed for time, wondering how in the world this thing is going to get up there. Then I have to make sure a seal is created. I grab a cup that I think may be comfortable and attempt insertion. FAIL!! I call my bestfriend for some tips and honestly thinking back on it can’t remember what she said. I try again, leg on the counter, mirror in one hand, cup in the other (don't ask why I had a mirror trying to see up there LOL this just made it more complicated). I slow my breathing and think about breathing in but not breathing out too hard as to where my vagina would push the cup back out. I continue to slowly push it in, making sure it’s up there, and then I tried pulling the stem to see if it slides down easily. Oh yea, that’s what she said...try to twist and pull the cup to check if the seal was created. I attempted to twist it but no luck, I pulled at it and it didn’t move much. Okay, I should be good. Lord please don't let me have an accident in public! 

I'm not stupid y’all, I put on a pantyliner just in case. It definitely felt weird cause I’m not used to having anything inside me, i.e. I don't wear tampons often. I went to the wedding and danced a bit. I checked myself and I definitely leaked but thank God the pantyliner was there and that it wasn't much blood. When I returned home I was faced with another challenge, taking the cup out! Now me sticking it in is one thing but taking it out seemed to be a whole other ball game. I worried about the feeling of the seal breaking and blood flying everywhere. Well to my surprise there wasn’t even that much blood in the cup, so blood spilling out was probably a little slim. While it was a little discomfort removing the cup it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I followed the directions to pinch the base and after the seal broke it came right out and it wasn't painful at all. And did y’all know menstrual blood has no smell, yes I smelled it. I heard the stories and had to test it out.

So over the course of my cycle I tried different styles of cups. And let me tell you, all cups are not created equal! Some were uncomfortable and a couple I couldn’t feel at all. Some leaked and others did not. I was able to wear the most comfortable one for literally 12 hours (which turned out to be the Happy Hour menstrual cup). I still wear a pantyliner just in case, but having the freedom of not having to change a pad every so often is great. It was very convenient for the busy weekend I had that’s for sure. I'm so happy that I was able to try out about 10 different cups by purchasing them wholesale, because I mean who has that kind of money to test 10 different cups at retail price? I did it so that you don't have to. The Happy Hour menstrual cup is literally the best cup hands down. For convenience and comfortably, baby I’m sold!

I have converted from the pad to the cup!


  • I had no idea how these worked and I always thought blood will be everywhere but this testimonial just changed my perspective on this cup. Imma try it out myself

  • I can’t wait to try mine out thanks for the testimonial


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