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A Bloody Battle: Period Option Comparison

Pads, tampons, or menstrual cups?!?! Which one should I use? Is one better than the others? Of course we choose the menstrual cup, but you be the judge for yourself.

Some women hate pads because it feels like you are sitting in your own blood or it feels like you’re wearing a diaper. Am I wearing a pad or a diaper?! Pads cramp your style; you can’t wear certain outfits or colors because you can easily see the outline/print. They can be uncomfortable depending on the material and that sticking to your vagina and butt brings discomfort and possible irritation depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Most women prefer tampons because you have a little more freedom. You can wear almost whatever you want, even a thong if you’d like.  And "they say" you can go swimming. However, tampons are not leak-free so there's that cloud hanging over your head not knowing when you'll leak; out into the pool or on your pretty little swimsuit. You have to change it every 2 to 4 hours depending on your flow,  which could be very inconvenient. They are disposable so you have to buy them every month and make sure you have them on hand for unexpected periods; that's not economical! Due to the absorption method that tampons use they can dry out your vagina and take away from the healthy bacteria. Tampons themselves are filled with toxins and hazardous chemicals during manufacturing and production and is linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) (Read Tampons: The Silent Killer for more info on the dangers - link). These toxins are entering your body at a much faster rate because they are inserted into the vagina which is the fastest absorbing area of the body. Now as I mentioned before you can go swimming while wearing a tampon, but have you ever thought about the chemically treated water that is also being absorbed into the tampon and sitting inside your vagina?! Yea I’m good on that one! 

Now we may be a little biased, but after trying all three options the cup comes out on top! Especially the Happy Hour menstrual cup! It’s comfortable and you can wear it for up to 12 HOURS!! Now that alone has me sold. Menstrual cups don’t dry out your vagina which preserves healthy bacteria, there’s no association with TSS, no toxins, and less severe cramps have been reported by women. You can definitely swim in them because when inserted correctly they are leak-free and the silicone prevents anything from getting out or into the vagina. Since the menstrual cup is reusable and one cup can be used for several years,  you can save a coin! No need to buy pads or tampons every month, nor do you have to worry about whether you have them at home if your cycle comes unexpectedly. It just sounds like a win win situation if you ask me!

As always ladies, be sure to do your own research. However, we are confident that if you try the Happy Hour menstrual cup you’ll be tossing those pads and/or tampons in the trash!

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